-N-S-P- is a way of connecting a global community through a common love... skateboarding.

The goal of the project is to donate a percentage of the shoe sales to individuals that need a little help getting new gear and keeping them rolling. Or community organizations that give to skateboarding through the building of skateparks or other skateboard related events.

Skateboarding is more than the act of skating. For many of us it's the one thing that makes us feel whole. While growing up skating in the 80’s and 90’s we felt like it was the one place we truly fit in. We’re still skating today and the feeling is no different. Like many others out there, once we made that connection to the skate scene our whole world opened up to the idea that anything is possible. 

-NOIRE-LINE- the brand embodies that idea, and -NOIRE-(LINE) Skate Project is a way to give back to something that has given us the courage and inspiration to pave our own way.  We hope to build a strong global community that feels local and encourage kids to GET INVOLVED, SKATE AND HAVE FUN. For more info or how to donate skate gear contact us at info@noireline.com.